How to Correctly Put Ear Drops?- Precision and Precautions for Successful Application

First and foremost, clean your ear canal thoroughly and make sure it is dry.

Second and the most important thing, shake the bottle really well by rubbing in between your palms. This is done to bring the otic solution to a little warmer temperature that will best suit our ear cavity because the temperature inside our ear is slightly warmer than the outside.

So, if we directly administer the ear drops into our ears. The temperature of the ear drops will be slightly cooler than the temperature of our ear cavity. This will lead to other side effects like headaches, colds, dizziness, and so on.

Therefore, hoping that you will not forget to shake the bottle before use, let’s go to the next step


Tilt your head such that the infected ear is facing upwards and add the ear drops as per the recommended dosage.

Don’t let the dropper touch the infected area as the infection might pass on to the bottle and contaminate the otic solution.

Hold the dropper upright exactly about your ear cavity and instill the drops.

While doing this, adults pull their earlobes up and back, and in the case of children, pull their earlobes down and back. This will help the ear drops trickle down easily.

After this, make sure you press and pump the tragal cartilage of the outer ear. This causes a suction force such that the medicine reaches the eardrum and functions accordingly. Otherwise, it stays on the outer surface itself due to the surface tension of the liquid.

Once it enters the ear cavity, keep lying down for a while and then relax.


Some of the precautions to be taken before and while using these ear drops are—

—Firstly, consult your doctor before taking the drops, and if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother, make sure that you inform your doctor about it.

—Give proper and prior information about your health condition to your doctor before starting the medication.

 —Make sure you check the expiry date before using the ear drops.

—Store them at the optimum temperature as mentioned on it. Avoid its contact with heat, light, and moisture.

—Avoid contact with eyes.

—It is not meant for oral intake.

—Never ever use ciprodex if you have a viral or fungal infection.

—Do not use the eardrops if you are sensitive to any of its components.

—If your condition does not get better beyond the medication period, do consult your doctor.

—Lastly, see your doctor immediately if you site any kind of adverse side effects.



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