Is it SAFE to breastfeed your baby while lying down?

Parenthood is a journey filled with questions, and one that often arises is whether it’s acceptable to breastfeed a baby while lying down.

Many parents find themselves in situations where a little extra rest is invaluable, and the prospect of nursing while lying down seems tempting. Lying down breastfeeding is a popular nursing position, celebrated for its comfort and the ultimate relaxation benefits.

In this article, we’ll explore the various aspects of this practice, considering both its advantages and potential concerns.

In this blog, we will discuss the technique of breastfeeding and explore its potential connection to ear infections in infants.

Exploring the Benefits of Breastfeeding in Lying Down Position

Bonding Moments: Enhancing Connection

Lying down while breastfeeding can create a special bonding experience for both the mother and the baby.

The closeness and warmth fostered during this time can strengthen the mother-child bond, providing a sense of security and immense love for the infant.


Rest and Recover: A Win-Win

For mothers recovering from childbirth (after normal vaginal delivery or after C-section) or dealing with postpartum fatigue, lying down during breastfeeding can offer a moment of reprieve.

It’s a chance to nourish the baby while also prioritizing the mother’s own well-being.

mothers recovering from childbirth

Optimal Relaxation: Stress Reduction

In our fast-paced world, stress is an ever-present companion.

Breastfeeding while lying down allows the mother and the child as well for a moment of calm in the storm, providing an opportunity for relaxation that can be beneficial for both parent and the child.


Tips for Comfortable Lying Down Breastfeeding:

  • Use supportive pillows to maintain a comfortable position.
  • Ensure a quiet and dimly lit environment to promote relaxation.

Addressing Concerns: Could Lying Down Breastfeeding Contribute to Ear Infections?

As mothers embrace lying down breastfeeding, questions arise about its impact on infant ear health.

There are many good evidences that if a baby is given milk while lying flat, the milk can get into the Eustachian tubes and middle ear and cause an infection leading to discharging ears.

(1) Breastmilk and formula are not the same —

Breastmilk inhibits the formation of bacteria, while formula encourages bacteria, but the same can not be said if the milk enters the middle ear, be it breastmilk or formula feed, because middle ear cavity is not made to harbor milk inside it.


(2) Breastfeeding and bottle feeding are not the same —

It is believed that milk does not pool in the mouth when baby is breastfed, as as it does when baby drinks from a bottle. But this can not be said with 100% accuracy as many children who are exclusively breastfed also come with discharging ears, and when the position of breastfeeding in these babies are changed from lying down to semi-recumbent position the discharge from the ears stop.

bottle feeding

(3) Breasts DO NOT drain fully

Occasionally women will find that their breasts don’t drain fully or evenly after feeding in the side-lying position. Excess milk in your breasts can lead to engorgement, plugged breastmilk ducts, breast pain, mastitis, or a decrease in milk supply.

breast pain

Ensuring Ear Health While Breastfeeding Lying Down

Mother should take proactive measures to minimize any potential risks to your baby’s ear health.

Gentle Head Support:

Use a small cushion or folded blanket to support your baby’s head, ensuring it’s in a little higher position than rest of the body.

baby head support

Monitor Feeding Duration:

Avoid prolonged lying down breastfeeding sessions to minimize the time your baby’s ears spend in a specific position.

Monitor Feeding Duration

Lesser chances of Aspiration

When the child’s head is a little above the rest of the body there are lesser chances of aspiration of milk into lungs.

Lesser chances of Aspiration

Lesser chances of milk entering middle ear

When the child’s head is a little above the rest of the body there are lesser chances of milk entering the middle ear through eustachian tubes

Personal Stories:

With an experience of more than 14 years in the ENT field, I come across a lot of mothers who have —

  • who have successfully breastfed in a lying down position without any ear infection concerns.
  • Also, mothers who come with their baby’s discharging ears because of breastfeeding in a lying down position.


Every mother’s breastfeeding journey is unique.

Embrace the nursing position that brings you and your baby the most comfort, and always prioritize your little one’s well-being.

Lying down breastfeeding can be a peaceful and secure experience when done with care.

However, keep the child’s head a little above the rest of the body has a lot of benefits like lesser chances of aspiration of milk into lungs, and also lesser chances of milk entering the middle ear through eustachian tubes,

Feel free to adapt and expand upon this outline to fit your specific requirements!

Thank you


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