How to Get Rid of Water Entering in Ears by Yourself?

Water Entering in Ears


Yes, almost all of us have been in a situation where we accidentally let in a gush of water into our ears, be it while swimming, playing on the beach, bathing, or so on.

It also brings along an itchy sensation near our ear that descends down to our throat. Also, an annoying sound is made in the ear, or sometimes, no sound is heard at all.

The symptoms are different and diverse from person to person, depending on their ear health.

But, any such abnormality in the ear will possibly indicate a blockage in your ear due to the water being entrapped by the ear wax, and it also turns out to be extremely irritating and infectious over time.

On negligence, it can also lead to middle ear infections, ear drum holes, and so on.
But nevertheless, there are many such early and impromptu methods that can be followed at the very place that you are to get rid of such water in the ear.


1) Just tilt your head

Firstly, the most simple and reflex action for such a situation would be just to tilt your head, hold your ear lobe and shake it to and fro in an oscillatory motion.

This will loosen the ear wax and thus, the water trapped in it will also get released.

2) Lie down on the bed pressing the ear against a pillow.

Secondly, do not panic; lie down on the bed pressing the ear against a pillow.

After waiting for some time, the water gets released out of the ear. This happens because, on tilting and resting, our ears will face the ground in the direction of the earth’s gravity.

Thus, this gravitational force acts as a magnet that tends to pull out the trapped water in bulk.

3) Create a vacuum field at the opening of your ear.

The third method that you can follow is to create a vacuum field at the opening of your ear.

For this, you just need to tilt your head such that the infected ear faces the ground, place your hand on the ear, and cap it tightly.

The air inside your hand gets sealed within. Now, keeping your hand tightly sealed, move it to form a flat surface against the ear and then again move it back to the cup form. This to and fro motion of cupping therapy will induce a suction force inside your ear in the presence of air. The suction force will now help to relieve the muscles of your ear, expands the ear passage, loosens the ear wax, and thus, let out the trapped water.

4) Using a dryer

Sometimes, using a dryer can also help. Because if not able to remove the water mechanically, then one can try drying it within the ear cavity, for which a dryer can be used.

First, set the temperature of the air coming out from the dryer to a moderate level as far as your ear can stand and sustain.

Ensure the air is not too hot since the ear is quite sensitive. Now place the dryer
almost 30-40 cm away from your ear and switch it on. This distance ought to be maintained throughout.


These are –

1) Alcohol and Vinegar

Not just warm air but alcohol and vinegar are also used for drying water in the ear by our
ancestors since ancient times.

But that’s not it, because they also play a major role in combatting the bacterial growth inside our ears since the alcoholic property of alcohol and acidic property of vinegar allows them to do so.

The administration of these liquids through safe needs to be monitored.

For this process, you must mix equal amounts of alcohol and vinegar in a container and add 2-3 drops of this mixture solution into your ear using a sterile dropper. Then, after 30 seconds, immediately tilt your head and drain out the remaining solution.

Here, the whole motive is just to bring minimal contact of the solution with the water in the ear wax since, if kept for a long time, the acidic properties of the solution might cause damage to the ear.

Thus, by this method, water in the ear is dried without any adverse side effects.
Some of the precautions to be taken before following the above method are that—
— This procedure is not recommended if you have any :
a) Infection in the ear,
b) Hole in your eardrum, or
c) Any surgical tubes like tympanostomy tubes inserted in your ear drum.

2) Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide drops are also recommended as it helps in releasing the entrapped water
from the ear. And the precautions to be taken are the same as mentioned before in the case of alcohol
and vinegar drops.

3) OTC (Over counter) ear drops

There are other OTC (Over counter) ear drops available in the pharmacy that can also be
used as they, too, are alcohol-based ear drops.


Olive oil is a plant-based oil that is of great medicinal value. This is very effective in getting rid
of water in the ear.

Just warm some amount of olive oil. Make sure that the temperature is less warm such that it causes absolutely NO HARM to your ear.

Add 2-3 drops of this oil into the ear. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then tilt your head.

You can see that the water, along with the oil, will drain out. This is because oil lubricates the ear lining. Thus, water cannot pass through or stay in the ear cavity for any longer since the oily surface tends to repel water, and thereby, both water and oil drain out of the ear.


Unfortunately, if you have —-

-> any infection,

-> a hole in your eardrum, or

-> a surgical tympanostomy tube in your ear drum,

the water entering your ear will obviously cross the barrier eardrum and enter the middle ear through this hole or the inserted tube in the eardrum.

This makes water removal a more tedious process.

But nevertheless, some of the basic steps which one can try in such cases are—


On continuous chewing, the muscles also exercise continuously. This action on
the jaw line muscles around the ear will get more flexible, thus widening the Eustachian
tube of the middle ear. This will now allow easy outlet of trapped water.


Here, close your mouth, take a deep breath, tightly pinch your nostrils, and now release the air through your nose forcefully in spite of your fingers shutting them.

This exerts some amount of pressure from the inside of the ear on the Eustachian tube, thus
releasing its blockage and causing drainage of water in the throat from the eustachian tube.


Taking vapor steam for 5-10 minutes can also dry the water in your ear.

In spite of trying the above-mentioned methods, if your condition does not seem to get better, then it is ABSOLUTELY recommended to see an ENT doctor immediately for better help, guidance, and treatment because the ear is a VERY IMPORTANT SENSE ORGAN.



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